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Nov/Dec 2022 | Vol. 79 No. 6

                            2022-2024 ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD

        International President             Regional Directors                 Members-at-large
        Dr. Debbie LeBlanc, Illinois          Europe                             2020-2024
        First Vice President                  Marie-Antionette Huber de Wolf,      Cyndy Moore, British Colombia
        Connie Rensink, Texas                 The Netherlands                    2022-2026
        Second Vice President                 Northeast                          Dr. Barbara Baethe, Texas
        Dr. Beverly Hall, Tennessee           Carol Herzog, Indiana            Area Representatives
        Executive Director                    Northwest                          Canada
        Nita R. Scott, CAE, Texas             Beverly Mantey-VanCronkhite,       Lorna Berlinguette, Alberta
        Parliamentarian                                                          Latin America
        Dr. Helen Popovich, PRP, Florida      Southeast                          Dr. Alejandrina Mata-Segrada,
                                              Dr. Teresa Cowan, North Carolina
        Immediate Past President                                                 Costa Rica
        Becky Sadowski, Tennessee             Southwest
                                              Susan Perkins, Kansas

                                     NEWS Editor | Judith R. Merz, Ed.D.
                                      Graphic Designer | Taylor Osborn

                                      Pursuing Improvement: We Have a Plan!

          DKG’s Strategic Plan 2015–2025 articulates the ongoing vision of our elected administrative boards for the
          future of the Society as it acknowledges and addresses the challenges and opportunities we face. The Plan
          includes goals designed to strengthen the Society by improving the DKG experience for all members. All
          international committees, administrative board members, and Headquarters directors have goals linked to
          the bigger plan, which can be a model and inspiration for work at all levels of DKG. Check out the Plan!

        From PRES p. 2
        Chapter Tools, which has many ideas that offer possible solutions to a variety of concerns.  Checking out “Strat-
        egies for a Positive Chapter Environment” is a great place to begin.  Many of the suggestions are quite easy to
        implement and can make a positive impact on the chapter atmosphere.
            We are leading women educators, and I would like to think we are welcoming, considerate, helpful, and kind
        to all.  Above all else, we should be kind.  I suggest that we look carefully at our behaviors and how they impact
        our chapter members.  Look at the membership roster: Who have you not seen for a while? Give her a call and ask

        her to come to the next meeting.  Call or write to a member who has dropped, let her know how much you miss
        her, and ask if you can help her rejoin the chapter.  Members matter at each level of the Society, and we need
        them for this organization to flourish and thrive into the next decade and beyond.  Society vitality, relevance, and
        sustainability are key to the survival and ultimate growth of our organization.  And these begin with the chapter.

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