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Nov/Dec 2022 | Vol. 79 No. 6

                                                                        From the Desk

                 DEADLINES                                              of the Director

            November 1                                                           hat an exciting time as we move
            DKGIEF Cornetet CIPD                                        Wforward into the  2022–2024
            application                                                 biennium!   State  organization presidents

            November 1                             Nita R. Scott, CAE   are enjoying the start of their second year
            DKGIEF Cornetet CSPD                   Executive Director   of service, and chapter presidents are just
                                                   beginning  their  first.    The  2022  International  Convention  body
            November 1                             approved quite a few amendments to our governing documents,
            State organization presidents          so be sure to check out those changes, too!
            request speaker from                       As the Society moves into the future, it is critical that chapters
            International Speakers Fund            and state organizations, as the “face” and “heart” of DKG, plan
            November 15                            strategically for membership retention and growth. To assist them
            All treasurers to file IRS 990         in their planning, operations, and member engagement, leaders at
            (US Only)                              the international level have developed a variety of opportunities

            December 15                            and resources.  Here are just a few of note:
            Bulletin Collegial Exhange             •  Inside International, held on the first Tuesday of every month, is
                                                      a Zoom opportunity to join a conversation with Headquarters
                                                      staff, 2022–2024 International Administrative Board and inter-
                 HQ CLOSED                            national committee members, and members from around the
                                                      world who join the Zoom! Times alternate each month — 12:30
            November 21-25                            p.m. CT and 5:30 p.m. CT — to accommodate time zone differ-
            Thanksgiving Holiday (USA)                ences. See you November 1 at 12:30 p.m. CT and December 6

            December 21- January 3                    at 5:30 p.m. CT. Find the Zoom link on the home page of the
            Winter Holiday                            DKG website.
                                                   •  State  organization presidents are receiving  an informative

                                                      email  from me  each month  with updates  and news.  If  you
           serve in this role and have not received an email in September and October, please let me know.  Feel free to
           forward the emails to chapter presidents and members as appropriate.
        •  We hope chapter presidents are enjoying the new video format for the Presidents’ Page! I am so very proud of
           all who are involved in producing these awesome videos, from our staff stars to the international president! If
           you are a chapter president, you should be receiving the video via an email link, so please feel free to forward
           the link to your members ... and let me know if you are not receiving the email.

        •  You may already know summer conferences are now international events that are held in three different sites.
           So, the choice is yours!  Plan to attend the one you find the most appealing — or attend them all!  Check out
           the DKG website for more details on the conferences, which will be held in July 2023 in Detroit (Michigan),
           Phoenix (Arizona), and Tampere (Finland).
            To sum it up: Join us in November or December (or both!) for Inside International as a great time of network-
        ing and sharing; be attentive to and forward resources shared from Headquarters; and plan now to attend an
        international conference in 2023!

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