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Nov/Dec 2022 | Vol. 79 No. 6


        DKGIEF Stories

             As DKGIEF chair, I hope you take pride in the work of your Foundation and spread the
        word to all who might benefit from or contribute to the nine funds under the Foundation
        umbrella. On behalf of the board of directors, I sincerely want to thank our donors for their
        generosity and continued support. Your generosity is WHY we can educate the world through our programs. Here
        are just two examples of the impact of your contributions.
                                                    Sandi Causey (Epsilon Kappa Chapter, Texas State Organization)
            In her DKGIEF story, Chris Shewczyk (Chi Chapter, Wisconsin State Organization)
        says, “Golden Gift was truly a ‘gift’ for me. The Ignite: Leaders Empowering Leaders pro-

        gram helped me develop personal and professional skills that enable me to achieve my
        goals. Through Ignite, I am a stronger, more confident, and knowledgeable leader and am
        reaching my goal of becoming a woman ready to lead others, be a good example, and
        make a difference in my own unique way.
            “At Ignite, I was exposed to different perspectives. I listened carefully and shared my
        ideas and opinions in small gatherings. I deepened my knowledge and developed a better
        understanding of issues that surround us. I learned to negotiate, knowing the importance

        of working together. I grew relationships with women from around the world with whom
        I remain in contact.
            “I am committed to stepping into greater leadership roles. The Ignite Leadership Management Seminar
        strengthened and built upon the knowledge and skills I had gained attending past conventions and conferences
        and holding chapter and state organization officer positions. . . . I am excited and confident and more capable
        of bringing meaningful ideas and energy to my chapter and state organization because of the strong leadership
        skills and strategies I have gained.”
            Tonya Allison (Gamma Psi Chapter, North Carolina State Organization) credits the Cornetet Profession-
        al Development award for making possible her attendance at the National Association for Music Education

        (NAfME) conference for the first time in her 31 years of teaching. “I am excited to expand
        my network within the music education field as well as to attend the Emerging Leaders
        Forum, where I will learn about leadership characteristics and effective practices, path-
        ways to leadership, working with many types of personalities, influencing and leading
        through change, gaining organizational and communication skills, and creating a vision
        for myself and my music community. The NAfME National Conference is the premier na-
        tional event fostering and facilitating collaboration among music education practitioners,

        researchers, and program leaders across the spectrum of PreK–12 and higher education.
            “The sessions I attend will help me expand my teaching techniques, offer new ideas
        and knowledge to better educate the students at our school, and provide information on incorporating the music
        standards into my lessons. These sessions address the diverse population of students and ways to differentiate
        instruction successfully. I look forward to using this knowledge in my classroom.”
            Stayed tuned for more stories that illustrate the impact of DKGIEF!

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