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Nov/Dec 2022 | Vol. 79 No. 6

         Editorial Board Updates Its Guidelines

              eginning in 2023, the DKG Bulletin: International Journal for
        BProfessional Educators will no longer specify a theme for         The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin
        each issue. This change takes place in recognition of the breadth
        of educational roles of our members and the breadth of educa-           International Journal for
        tional issues of importance to educators worldwide. In line with        Professional Educators
        the Society’s Mission, the overriding focus for journal submissions                             2022 Volume 89-1
        will be on articles related to professional and personal growth and
        excellence in education. One goal of this shift is to remove per-
        ceived obstacles — i.e., limitation of topics — so that members

        more readily embrace the opportunity to access the benefits of
            The 2022–2024 Editorial Board is also piloting a new initia-
        tive. To further the impact of the journal and attract key women            Changing Perspectives on
        educators, members will  now  be allowed to  sponsor  or invite              Teaching and Learning
        colleagues to submit to the journal. Such sponsorship/invitation
        will complement the existing policy of allowing nonmembers to

        co-author with members. Watch for additional information on how to participate in this pilot initiative.
            The DKG Editorial Board hopes these measures will expand not only the number of submissions to the
        journal but also the depth and breadth of articles for all readers.


           Amendments adopted at the 2022 International Convention affect governing documents at all other levels.
           At this point, a State Organization Bylaws Checklist is available on the DKG website under Resources >
           State Organization Tools. A copy of updated state organization bylaws should be emailed to Alice Reule,
           International Constitution Committee Chairman. Go to About Us > Committees > Constitution for email link.

        IRS 990 Due Nov. 15

              eminder: U.S. entities with bank accounts MUST file Form 990
        Reach year by November 15. Entities with less than $50,000
        in cash receipts during the fiscal year of July 1 to June 30 may file
        Form 990N. File electronically for free through the direct IRS con-

        nection on the Society website or at Any entity that
        does not complete successful filing for 3 consecutive years will
        lose its tax-exempt status and fall from under the umbrella of DKG.
            Confirmations of filing for chapters and for coordinating coun-
        cil accounts with separate EINs must be sent to the state organi-
        zation president. All U.S. state organizations must send copies or confirmation of state filings to Peggy Jonas

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