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        Vol. 79 No. 4                                                                         July/Aug 2022

                                 Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide

        Past International President

        Carol Mueller Remembered

             arol Mueller,  2000-2002  Internation-
        Cal President  and 1998  International
        Achievement Award recipient, passed away
        on June 2, 2022.  Mueller’s involvement in                                            Change at Society
        DKG  was  extensive: she  served as  Inter-

        national First Vice President (1996-1998);
        on  The  Delta Kappa Gamma Educational
        Foundation Board of  Trustees and  Inter-
        national Executive  Board; as  1982-1984
        Southwest Regional Director; and as chair
        of numerous  international committees.
        She  also attended  the  Golden Gift  Fund                                            Last-minute To-dos
                                                                                              for Convention
        Leadership/Management Seminar in 1981
        and was president of Nevada State Organi-

        zation (1974-1977).                        taught French at Reno High School. Mueller
            A native of Idaho, Mueller spent most  later became coordinator of a new program
        of  her  life  in Nevada,  particularly  in the  for academically talented students, retiring
        Reno area.  Entering the  University  of Ne-  officially  in  1988  but  continuing  to  work
        vada at age 16,  she  pursued a degree in  with the district in processing  documen-
        foreign  languages (Spanish,  German,  and  tation  for  parents  who wished to home   Educators Book
                                                                                              Award Winners
        French) and initially hoped to work for the  school their children.

        State  Department. A Fulbright Exchange       A charter  member  of  Theta Chapter,
        scholarship  took  her to the Universities  which  was  organized in 1963,  Mueller
        of Innsbruck and Vienna, Austria,  after  served as chapter  president  beginning
        her graduation.  Returning to Reno, she  in 1970  and as  state organization editor
        obtained a provisional teaching certificate  beginning in 1971. Becoming increasingly
        and pursued a master’s degree in Spanish.  engaged with the Society through varied
        Her official teaching career began as she  offices  in  Nevada  State   See PIP p. 3  The Value of DKG

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