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The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin
                                                    Editorial Board
                                          Charlotte Lindgren, PhD, 2020-2024
                                          Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
                                               Department of Education
                                                  Uppsala University
                                                   Uppsala, Sweden

                                         Barbara Perry-Sheldon, EdD, 2018-2022
                                        Professor Emerita of Teacher Education,
                                           North Carolina Wesleyan College
                                               Zionville, North Carolina

                                            Nora L. Pollard, PhD, 2018-2022
                                           Senior Disability Policy Specialist
                                              Educational Testing Service
                                                     Princeton, NJ
                                            Dorrie J. Powell, EdD, 2020-2024
                                                  Retired Educator
                                              Hardeman County Schools
                                                      Bolivar, TN

                                               Judith R. Merz, EdD, Editor
                                        Doctoral Advisor, Educational Leadership
                                             Nova Southeastern University
                                                Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

            The Bulletin, an official publication of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, promotes professional and
        personal growth of members through publication of their writings. Three online issues per year, subtitled International
        Journal for Professional Educators, focus on research-based and documented works—applied and data-based research,
        position papers, program descriptions, reviews of literature, and other articles on announced themes or other topics of interest
        to educators. Two print issues, subtitled Collegial Exchange, focus on articles based on practice and experience related to
        education, the Society, women, and children, as well as personal reflections and creative works.
            Submissions to the Bulletin, a refereed publication, are reviewed by the Editorial Board and the Society editorial staff.
        Selection is based on relevance of the topics addressed, accuracy and validity, contribution to the professional literature,
        originality, quality of writing, and adherence to Submission Guidelines (see Editorial Board members evaluate
        each submission’s focus, organization, development, readability, and relevance to the general audience of Bulletin readers.
        Due to the diversity of the Bulletin audience, material that expresses a gender, religious, political, or patriotic bias is not
        suitable for publication.
          Please send materials to or to Bulletin Editorial Staff, The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International,
        12710 Research Blvd., Ste. 230, Austin, TX 78759-4395.

        The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin (ISSN 0011-8044; USPS 715-850; IPM 0302295) is published five times each year by The Delta
        Kappa Gamma Society International, 12710 Research Blvd., Ste. 230, Austin, Texas, 78759-4395. Periodicals Postage paid at
        Austin, Texas. Subscription, U.S. $31 per year; single copies, $7 each (journal) or $5 each (magazine). International dues include
        subscription to The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin. Views expressed do not necessarily agree with positions taken by The Delta
        Kappa Gamma Society International.
                             POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin
                                     12710 Research Blvd., Ste. 230, Austin, TX, 78759-4395.
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