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Call for Submissions
            Members are encouraged to submit manuscripts for consideration by the Bulletin editorial board. The
        Journal accepts submissions of Action, Qualitative, and Quantitative Research; Reviews of Literature;
        Educational Program Descriptions; Position Papers; and Book/Technology Reviews. The Collegial
        Exchange accepts submissions relating to Classroom and DKG Practices/Programs, Viewpoints on
        Current Issues, Reflections or Anecdotes, Biographies and Interviews, Book and Technology Reviews,
        and Creative Writing.
            Submissions should be focused, well organized, effectively developed, and concise. The style should
        be direct, clear, readable, and free from gender, political, patriotic, or religious bias. For more detailed
        information, please refer to the Submission Guidelines on page 55 and the Submission Grid on page 56.
        Listed below are the deadlines and, where appropriate, themes. Although there is a suggested theme for
        each issue of the Journal, manuscripts on all topics are welcome. The Collegial Exchange is not theme-

                                       Journal: Open Submissions (89-3; Online)
                                         (Postmark deadline is October 1, 2022)
                              Open Submission: Topic of author’s choice related to education.

                                            Collegial Exchange (89-4; Print)
                                        (Postmark deadline is December 15, 2022)
                                                  No designated theme

                             Journal: Honoring and Valuing Our Profession (89-5; Online)
                                          (Postmark deadline is March 1, 2023)
            How do leaders in our profession recruit and retain quality educators? • How do educators meet new
            challenges? • What are changes in the nature of working in educaton? • How can educators gain/keep
                    respect from the public? • How are educators valued in various countries or regions?

                    Journal: Leadership for Today’s Schools and Around the World (90-1; Online)
                                           (Postmark deadline is May 15, 2023)
               What are the challenges and joys of leading in a virtual educton setting? •  How are preparation
         programs for school leaders evolving? •  What is the role of mentoring in creating educational leaders? •
                          What are the skills and dispositions of effective educational leaders?

                                            Collegial Exchange (90-2; Print)
                                          (Postmark deadline is August 1, 2023)
                                                  No designated theme

                           Submit all materials to: Bulletin Editorial Staff at
                            Full Submission Guidelines and other resources are available at the
                                         Apply/Submit tab on

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