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        5  Forward-Facing                                7  DKG Vitality, Relevance,

            Reflections                                          and Sustainability:

        By Barbara Clausen,                                      The Society's Strategic Plan

        International Achievement Award Recipient 2022
                                                          By Dr. Debbie LeBlanc,
                                                          International President 2022-2024

        Viewpoint                                        Classroom Practice/Program
        9  A Century of Existence: Seven                 29 Handicrafts: Lessons in Sustainability
            Possibilities for Action to Assist the           and Knowledge for Life
            Growth of Our Society                            By Malin Ambjörnsson and Marianne
            By Kammie Richter                                Skardéus

        16  A Time to Feel More than Sorrow—             31 Overcoming the Learning
            DKG Members and Others Unite to                  Gap After COVID-19: Vision,
            "March" Against School Violence                                              Goals, Teamwork, and Love
            By Elizabeth Tarner, Carol Linscott, and         By Cynthia Prather
            Beverley H. Johns                            DKG Practice/Program
        Personal Reflection/Anecdote                     34 Collaborative Program Between
        22 In the Beginning: A New Teacher                   Chapter and Local University:
            is Born; Collegial Support Makes a               Training in Working with Multilingual
            Difference                                       Learners
            By Wynne Anderson                                By Mary Kevorkian
        25  DKG in an Age of Anxiety:                    36 The Gift that Keeps on Giving
            Tested but not Bested                                                               By Lisa Olson
            By Cathy P. Daugherty                        38 The Quest to Honor Dr. Annie Webb

        27  Reflecting on the "Rub"—An                       Blanton: Follow Your Passion
            Essay Content Scorer's Dilemma                                                By Patricia Brenner
            By Linda Mauser

                                                                                      Collegial Exchange  ·  1
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