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From the Editor

            On the Road Again:

            Forward Moving Ever in DKG

                                This issue of the Collegial Exchange inescapably draws me to the metaphor of
                                driving a car—particularly after the “storm” of the COVID-19 pandemic . . . a
                                roughly 2-year period of being forcibly pushed to the curb, forced to idle or move
                                more slowly, and searching somewhat desperately for a map or GPS signal to help
                                discover an alternate route! We have all had the experience of getting behind the
                                wheel and setting out on our desired path only to be sidelined to one extent or another
                                by unexpected road conditions caused by nature or traffic turmoil. And now, as DKG
                                and the world of education emerge from that pandemic storm of uncertainty, delay,
                                and deferment, authors in this issue offer tips on how to drive forward.
                                                        Their thoughts make me consider the many mirrors that
                                                     help us drive a vehicle even as we look ahead through the
                                                     windshield to focus on where we are going. The rearview
                                                     mirror helps us to see where we have been and how far we
                                                     have come. That backward-glancing mirror shows us the
                                                     challenges and landmarks we have already passed and, if we
                                                     have left a happy place to journey farther along our path, it
                                                     lets us take one last look at where and what we have been.
                                                     Many of the authors in this issue take a nostalgic look back,
                                                     but they do so with purpose:  They are "looking back so the
                                                     view looking forward is even clearer” (unknown author).
                                    As we drive, the sideview mirrors help us keep a sense of where we are in the
                                flow of traffic. When we need to change lanes or take an exit, those side mirrors
                                allow us to assess the risk and choose when and how to make our move in the
                                best possible manner. In a similar way, a number of authors in this issue take a
                                look at where we are as a Society and the ways in which we can make wise and
                                meaningful changes, both large and small, that allow us to "keep up". . . or access
                                new routes as needed.
                                    Success in maneuvering through rapidly changing conditions is what allows one
                                to be a safe driver—and such agility is also what sets successful organizations apart
                                from those that fall to the side of the road over time. Where we have been, where we
                                are, and where we are going are all part of any journey, and the authors in this issue
                                help us to keep an eye in all directions—just as top-notch drivers do—as our Society
                                gets back in the flow and navigates toward its 100th year. May the articles in this
                                issue serve as part of the GPS to keep the DKG vehicle for professional and personal
                                growth and excellence in education forward moving ever.

                                                                                          Judy Merz, EdD

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