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                                find simpler processes and new ways to connect and support women, children, and
                                education worldwide. We must embrace—graciously—new ways of doing things!
                                    To achieve this, we must recruit new members and develop fresh leaders who
                                embrace other possible changes. This requires reaching out to young women with
                                diverse ethnicity and women from a wide range of educational roles—not just
                                P-12 educators. A richer, more relevant organization would embrace members
                                from all university departments, healthcare educators, teachers in corporations, and
                                more. This larger membership umbrella will require us to examine our chapters
                                with an eye on how we must change to be supportive of diverse members and
                                their preferences and needs. These changes may not be comfortable to us but are
                                    As we embrace change, we must look for new leaders. Leadership skills can
                                be learned; they are not an art we simply possess or not. Just as a pilot doesn’t
                                learn to fly by reading a manual, DKG leaders at all levels need our DKG
                                supportive environment to learn, grow, and refine their skills over time—well
                                beyond a leadership manual. Another way for all leaders to grow is through our
                                new Leadership Discovery Centre: A World of Opportunity, development of
                                which was approved by the 2020–2022 Administrative Board. By virtue of my
                                membership on the incoming International Leadership Development Committee,
                                I was appointed by 2022–2024 International President Debbie LeBlanc to chair an
                                ad hoc committee to develop the Centre. Working with committees and individuals,
                                the Centre will provide Web resource sections for members and non-members to
                                include but not be limited to current videos, PowerPoints, researched articles, and
                                interactive opportunities to learn different leadership theories and to practice skills.
                                DKG leaders who envisioned the Centre are hoping it will be a “go-to” spot for
                                members and a “hook” for potential members. Watch as this initiative develops and
                                rolls out this year, and think about what YOU have to give!
                                    We know most successful leaders start with shared core values of integrity,
                                honesty, servanthood, and vision. Members will have opportunities to learn
                                leadership styles, strong cross-cultural communication, active listening, delegation
                                techniques, strategic thinking, and how to build self-confidence. With mentoring
                                and coaching in a risk-free environment, they may have opportunities to practice
                                strategic planning processes, conflict resolution, and other strategies. Let us look in
                                the windshield and envision how we can become the leadership “hub” for women
                                educators worldwide. To achieve this, we must ALL contribute. To paraphrase
                                Mother Theresa: If we all contribute to do one thing, to help one person, and then
                                another, and another—we will help thousands as she did. I implore each of you to
                                start today to clean your viewing lenses, take a long look through your windshield,
                                and make a difference for DKG leaders of the future!

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