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                                        •  Develop Leaders
                                          3.C.2. Empower members to take leadership roles
                                          3.C.3. Provide networking opportunities for leaders and emerging leaders
                                        •  Build Resources
                                          4.A.1. Identify and address barriers within the Society’s culture
                                          4.A.2. Identify and minimize barriers within the Society’ structure
                                          Each international committee, international elected position, international
                                      task force or committee, headquarters staff, and administrative board position
                                      has been assigned the Focus Objectives and other objectives to plan their
                                      work for the next 2 years. These other objectives are specific to the work of
                                      the committee. In turn, each committee, administrative board member, and
                                      headquarters staff will develop SMART Goals to achieve their objectives.

                                      Accountability and Impact

                                          The DKG Strategic Plan provides for continuous review and updates,
                                      with scheduled reporting of SMART goals and progress on those goals
                                      to the 2022–2024 International Administrative Board in November and/
                                      or May of each year. Accountability for reaching goals rests with the
                                      administrative board, committees, and personnel at the international level
                                      of the Society. Collaboration and communication regarding common
                                      Strategic Plan objectives will be strongly encouraged. This may occur in
                                      face-to-face meetings, DKG community groups, and virtual situations—
                                      with an expectation of sharing with members throughout the Society. State
                                      organizations and chapters are encouraged to develop their own strategic
                                      plans, attending to both local context and their role within the Society.
                                          With commitment to the DKG Strategic Plan 2015–2025, assigned
                                      objectives and Focus Objectives will provide members with opportunities for
                                      meaningful dialogue about the needs, values, and priorities of all members.
                                      Are these evident in a committee’s SMART goals? When state organization
                                      and chapter leaders look at the Society’s Strategic Plan, will they see a
                                      relevance or connection to their own work, passions, and projects? Will they
                                      engage in a deeper, more meaningful conversation about the correlation
                                      between the Focus Objectives, committee work, and member needs?
                                          This is the perfect time to examine the impact of work at any level
                                      regarding vitality, relevance, and sustainability for the future of a chapter,
                                      state organization, and, of course, DKG Society International. Visibility
                                      and transparency are clear and focus everyone on continuous improvement
                                      with understanding of common goals and objectives. Internal summaries,
                                      completed on an annual basis, will note accomplishments related to the
                                      initiatives and objectives behind each goal. The latest review and revision
                                      date will be noted on the updated plan and posted on the Society website.
                                          The Strategic Plan is a live, fluid, transparent, and meaningful document
                                      that begins with the end in mind for our Society work with broad focus
                                      areas, initiatives, and objectives. How we get to that end will be defined in
                                      the SMART goals along with progress-monitoring of the goals and reporting
                                      to the Board. Society vitality, relevance, and sustainability are key to the
                                      survival and ultimate growth of our organization.

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