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        DKG Vitality, Relevance, and

        Sustainability: The Society’s

        Strategic Plan

                      By Dr. Debbie LeBlanc, International President, 2022–2024

        Forward-thinking project planning begins with the “end in mind.” According to
        Stephen Covey, one should start out on any mission, task, or project with clarity
        and vision so she knows what her destination looks like. While the DKG Mission
        and Vision guide our work this biennium, the focus will be on the Society’s vitality,
        relevance, and sustainability. Ongoing and continuous planning, shaping, and
        evolving are paramount for the future growth and livelihood of the Society.
            The DKG 2022–2024 Administrative Board revisited the DKG Strategic
        Plan 2015–2025. The Plan articulates the board’s vision for the future of the
        Society; acknowledges and addresses the challenges and opportunities we face;
        and includes goals designed to strengthen the Society by improving the DKG
        experience for members of all ages and by ensuring the Society’s future.
            The DKG Strategic Plan has four goals that encompass broad focus areas
        addressing current challenges and issues: Support Members, Provide Global
        Opportunities, Develop Leaders, and Build Resources (financial and human).
        Each of the four goals has three initiatives or possibilities, and each initiative or
        possibility has several objectives with measurable results.
            In the last biennium, the 2020–2022 Administrative Board assigned
        strategic plan objectives to international committees to focus the progress of the
        committees through development of SMART goals attached to mechanics for
               Specific - Accurately state what the project wants to achieve;
               Measurable - Quantifiable so progress can be tracked;
               Achievable - Can be achieved even within constraints;
               Relevant - Aligned with the reason for the project and justification;
               Time Bound - Specifying a timeframe to achieve the goals.
            In 2022, the international committees reported they appreciated being directed
        with the Strategic Plan objectives. As a result, the 2022–2024 Administrative
        Board has assigned such objectives to all international committees, administrative
        board members, and headquarters staff. As a result, four Focus Objectives for
        the Society now provide a focus for members, chapters, state organizations, and
        leadership teams and will guide work throughout the Society:
          • Support Members
            1.C.2. Communicate the value of membership
            1.C.3. Attend to the sustainability of the Society
          • Provide Global Opportunities
            2.C.1. Promote diversity in membership
            2.C.3. Expand offerings in native languages at events and in publications

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